Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bowling Revisted

I missed Monday night bowling last week because I wasn't feeling well.

Last night, after we finished our warmup bowling I noticed the captain of my Wednesday night team (she's also on the women's association board) was on the approach and a voice came over the loudspeaker asking everyone to give their attention to her on lanes 31 and 32. The president of the ladies bowling association takes over the microphone to introduce Nancy and asks me to step out on the approach. Yep, it's that time. Presentation of my 299/752 awards. Woooooot! Even the men's association president was there to congratulate me.

I ordered a ring for my prize. Unfortunately somebody must have been living in a time warp because the inscribed date is off by a year - 2005. I'll mention it to Nancy on Wednesday night but I doubt there's anything that can be done. Still, very exciting to get my award.

Speaking of honor games: two of the bowlers on my team, Jimmy and Trey, have bowled 300 games this season - not on Monday night, which is something I need to ride them about. Sammy did bowl a very nice 800 series for us a few weeks ago.

Now on to last night's bowling.

We've been changing our lineup around from week to week. We couldn't really settle on a lineup that we like. For whatever reason, Jimmy and I both seemed to bowl better when we bowled after Trey. But this week we didn't bother changing it and I was bowling after Jimmy and Trey was after me.

My first game was a less than stellar 165. I wasn't carrying and kept missing some easy spares.

The second game started off nicely. Between visiting with the guys and just goofing off we were bowling decent. I kept looking at the scoreboard and thinking that Jimmy was bowling really well while I was holding my own and had a decent chance of beating my average.

It wasn't until I was bowling my second or third ball in the 10th frame that I realized I HAD BEEN THINKING MY SCORING LINE WAS JIMMY'S FOR THE WHOLE GAME! It's easy to see why I would think that since Jimmy is such a good bowler and I'm not nearly as consistent as he is.

I had one spare in the second frame and all the rest were strikes. The tenth frame went XX9. It wasn't until after the first strike, maybe even the second of the 10th frame that I realized what I had been thinking! OMG, I am an idiot.

Before I threw the last ball, I told them all what I'd been thinking the whole game. We got a really good laugh at that.

Jimmy was bowling a good game and ended up with a 236. I ended up bowling a 267.

I was back to struggling for the 3rd game, finished with a 175. Just missed a 600 for the night with a 596. At least I managed to make my average overall.

It was nice to hang out with the guys again. I do miss them when I don't bowl.


teresa said...

damn woman, another thing you never bothered to tell me!


am said...

Did I mention that I bowled a 138 while in Germany? I think with the exchange rate, that's about a 297.