Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Google Reader

A good friend of mine (who's name is not Zerbet, I swear) turned me onto Bloglines a while back. It's a RSS feed reader. It organizes all those things you go to on a regular basis into one place. Very convenient.

Well, said friend (again, not Zerbet) mentioned Google Reader a while back and I tried it out but at the time I prefered Blogines. Recently, he (nope, not Zerbet) told me that Google Reader just did an upgrade and I should try it again. Since many of the Blogspot blogs I read regularly don't have RSS feeds I thought I would give it a try.

Now, the basic Google Reader is quite nice. But what makes it AWESOME is a little NEXT button that is a toolbar add-on along with the SUBSCRIBE button. The NEXT button automatically takes you to the actual site for updated feeds, one at a time. Every time you hit the next button it's like a little slice of heaven. No more hitting blogs that haven't been updated in months. No more wasted time or effort.

However, the most charming thing is this:

This is what you get when you have run out of updates feeds. And, if you are adventurous enough to click the End of the Internet link this is what you will find:

You gotta love those programmers with a sense of humor!

Now go get Google Reader and be sure to add the subscribe and next buttons. You can thank me later.


The.Chimerical.One said...

Thank you (and not Zerbet) for this amazingly wonderful suggestion.

MacAnthony said...

I used bloglines for like a week. It didn't do what I wanted it to do. I've been using google reader for about 2 months now and it does everything I need plus it's web based. Somehow, I missed the whole next button feature though (perhaps it wasn't available when I started using it) but that is a very cool feature. Thanks for pointing it out.