Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Laundry Day

Yeah, it's that day. They day we all live for.

Those single people know it as, "I don't have anymore clean underwear day," or "Everything I own has been worn at least once and looks like it day."

For married people it means, "my spouse is going to embarrass me tonight if I he/she has nothing clean to wear at dinner with our friends."

For people with kids it's more like, "the teachers at school are going to wonder if we had to go on food stamps because the kids look like street urchins that have worn the same clothes everyday for the last week."

Welcome to Marathon Laundry Day.

Errrr, soo o o o o not me!
(photo homage to El Hrbek)

The day when you make 10 loads of laundry into 6 by cramming the machine full to the rim.

Oh, yeah, that's more like it.

Unfortunately, my marathon Laundry Day coincides with "Stand In Line For Hours To Vote Day."

Oh joy.

Looks like the other half will be on duty after work today so I can go vote.

P.S. Note to self: Laundry room HORRIBLE place to keep kids' stash of Halloween Candy.


teresa said...

oh ya i know that day well...

but at my house its followed by the Week of Unfolded Laundry Baskets Hidden Behind The Couch.


Kate said...

What do you MEAN, the laudry room is a bad place for candy?? I think it's BRILLIANT. I would so do more laundry if we kept candy in there.

Well, not true. Because our washing machine in still in the kitchen until I get around to having a second bathroom/laundry room put in. But THEN, I tell you, the candy's taking a walk.