Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bad BAD Bowler

Ok, so last night didn't go so well bowling wise. I had missed the previous week because the roads were bad and I was a pussy.

We bowled the 2nd place team last night. Good thing we were 5 games ahead of them and the rest of my team showed up to bowl and not chit chat like someone on the team.

I'd like to blame Motorola and poker for my poor bowling.

I'd like to, but I probably can't.

I have a Motorola V3m Razr phone. Jimmy just got one and Mandy, Trey's girlfriend, has one. So we spent a good part of the night talking about microSD memory cards, unlocking the phone, flashing new software, playing MP3s, taking video, alert settings, skins, etc. Very informative and fun. Not exactly the kind of stuff that makes you concentrate on your (horrible) bowling.

The first game I barely broke 100. Sigh. Steve, however, bowled quite well and managed to draw a straight flush. We play poker with 2 decks as otherwise there's not enough cards in the deck without reshuffling the cards. That's when the question came up about whether or not 5 of a kind beats a straight flush when you use two decks.

Straight flush v. 5 of a kind. What a dilema. So I whipped out the old phone - YES, THE PHONE, and put it in calculator mode. I had seen a lady at the kids bowling tournament this weekend using her Razr to add up scores. My last phone's calculator function SUCKED but this one looked very nice. After some searching I found the power function - a must have for probability problems. I guess it's too much to ask for it to have a factorial function - if only HP made cell phones for geeks.

So after a couple false starts I figured out how I wanted to do it. There was a little struggle with an out of range error on the calculator but I figured it out.

Short answer: straight flush beats 5 of a kind.

As you can tell, bowling was a HIGH priority for me last night... and it showed in my score. Easily my worst night of bowling in a long time. I had a great time goofing off with the guys. And, luckily, they actually managed to bowl well enough for us to win 3 games.

Next week we bowl the 3rd place team. Might be a good time for me to leave the phone at home and actually bowl, ya think?

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