Thursday, December 21, 2006

Germs, germs everywhere

I've become resigned to my kids bringing home all sorts of germs from school.

What I hate is when they are laid low for maybe 24 hours while I find myself in a funk for a week or more.

I finally broke down and went to the doctor a couple of days ago when it became apparent that I was going to need drugs to get over this bug that had settled in my sinuses. I picked up my drugs and headed back home to park myself on the couch and pretend to be alive.

The next day was the kids' last day of school. I was responsible for providing the snacks for their room parties. I had to scramble to get the snacks, teacher gifts and staff gifts together and to the school in time. Thankfully my presence in the classroom was necessary.

Then the other half comes home from work yesterday complaining that he must have caught what I have. He woke with a fever. After sleeping in he headed off to Urgent Care where he was told it was a virus that's been running around this area since September. So off to work he goes... to spread the joy around before his staff go off on the holiday break. I sure hope he doesn't infect anyone.

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