Thursday, December 21, 2006

Poker with No. 2 Son

My youngest talked me into playing some HU with him after we finished watching an episode of PPT.

We usually play limit with the kids just to make it easy. He took an early lead when I couldn't hit a board to save my life. I made a comeback when I rivered a flush and then a straight against him.

I finally decided, after he was gloating a little too much about bluffing me, to start calling down when I hit even just bottom pair. He paid me off on several hands.

After much drama I convinced him to either buck up or I would be done playing.

We played a couple more hands and he was ready to quit. I had him about 2:1 in chips.

We have a tradition of everybody "going all in" on the last hand and whoever wins that pot "wins".

He was dealt K9o and I got J2o.

Flop 99x x 9

The boy put professional footballers and their endzone dances to shame.

Sigh. I better get a "thanks mom" when he makes his first televised final table.


am said...

I'm not sure "footballers" is a word. I think it's "footballsmen" -- from the Latin, meaning where men usually get kicked.

Gadzooks64 said...

Well I really wanted to say "Football Pussies" but I figured that would offend pussies. ;)