Thursday, January 18, 2007

Latest Limit Adventure

What's wrong with this picture?

Go ahead, make a guess. I'll wait.

Let's see.... I have KK, it was capped pre-flop. And, yes! Of course an A has to come on the flop. I bet out and get raised; I know I'm not good so I fold. These other two go at it. And just to make it even more interesting another A falls on the river.

Only when I have KK UTG do all 4 of the Aces in the deck come out to play.



am said...

It's almost a fact of life that when you possess KK or even QQ, overcards will appear on the board -- at least it appeared on the flop and you were able to get away relatively cheaply.

What I think is even worse, is when KK with no overcards present on the board runs into the flopped set -- you are destined to lose a bundle.

Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Even money a king flops there!

While it pains me to reinforce the paranoid fantasies of one of our favorite poker podcast hosts, I have to say such unlikelihood has always seemed more likely to me over on FTP (compared to other sites).

MacAnthony said...

Now all you need is a account so people can play through the suckout in all it's glory. :)

Sucking out is the sign of true poker skill, by the way.

Gadzooks64 said...

Awwww, Macanthony, nothing like a good KK suckout to read with my morning coffee!

Could he have played that any worse?

You luckbox!

MacAnthony said...

Yeah, there was more to the hand too. I wouldn't have put that much in had I not hit and I was sure he didn't have the flush. It was my first hand at the table so it was kind of nice. I just hoped he might get stubborn with AQ when I pushed the river - turns out my read was wrong...