Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Super Bowl Ads

OK, I have to admit that the only part of the Super Bowl that I really really REALLY wanted to see were the commercials. Being the lazy efficient person that I am, I waited until the day after then hit You Tube. It would appear that many of the You Tube posters were, shall we say recuperating, until late in the day. Or that's what I assume they were doing since they were NOT POSTING COMMERCIALS until then. Damn lazy people.

I found this to be, hands down, the best of the best.


Z said...

Having Bobcat Goldthwait do the mouse voice at the end is what makes it all work, bay bee.

Squib aka TwistedOreo said...

no doubt about it, that one was the best and Blockbuster spent a boatload of money there...must be worried about the Netflix peeps