Wednesday, February 21, 2007

TV Table

I made the TV table today!!!

That's right! Me on TV.

Ok, not me. My avatar.

And, yeah, it was play chip.

Who wants to play real money while they are setting up new technology? Definitely not me.

So check it out!

On another note, I just got these pictures from T. She took these at the Super Bowl Sunday tournament that I helped run.

T drove hours to come share my birthday poker adventures!
Biatch had to take second for some righteous bucks!

Me and my buddy (not Zerb)! What a bunch of degenerates!

Yeah, that's one stupid ass grin (me, not Zerb, hahahahah) but I just wasn't in the mood to flash my new braces for the world to see. Get over it.


Lynx56 said...

Need explanation for apparent bandaid on not-Zerbet's sweater. Cool looking setup, tho.

teresa said...

omg you posted that nasty pic of me you wanker lady!!!

no fair im telling on you (and no, not to zerb)

oh one of use need to tell the story of "ty for shopping zerbetmart" last night ... maybe do it on the psblog

hey im sitting in Mac class trying to waste time, maybe I should!

But i cant stand this damn keyboard.