Friday, March 02, 2007

Road Trip

So a mere two days after the new vehicle comes home we head out on a road trip to an indoor waterpark a scant 70 miles from home.

I recall telling the boys that there would be no dvd player on the trip as it was only an hour drive.

Did they pay any attention? What do you think?

They managed to install the dual screen dvd player while I was in the shower. You gotta give them some credit for chutzpah.

So we're heading down the road and I hear all kinds of giggles and laughter from the rear seat.

"Hahahahhahaah, Dark Helmet! Hahahahhahahah!"

I ask the other half, "What are they watching?"

Space Balls.

OMG, I bought that so long ago and they never watched it. They are huge fans of the Star Wars and Star Trek series. I knew they would love Space Balls and would "get" most of the gags.

We drove 10 minutes to get lunch today and the second the car was running they had headphones on and peels of laughter again emminated from the rear of the van.

We were regaled with stories of gags from the movie at lunch.

Mind you, they've only seen half of it.

The ride home will be an adventure as I will be listening to the latest Ante Up podcast while they will be hysterically laughing at Space Balls.

Life IS Good.


MacAnthony said...

Sigh....just so spoiled...

We have that too and watched it with the kids. I remember watching it when I was younger but it's different watching it with your kids as a parent. I had forgotten all the questionable content in there for young minds that brings up all kinds of awkward parenting questions and situations, but you don't think about that stuff yourself when you are watching it as a kid. Space Balls wasn't so bad, I just didn't remember any of the swearing or anything.
I went through the same thing when I got the Crow dvd. It was an awesome movie when I was a kid, then I go back and watch it and I was like, um, no. They will so love this movie... in 5 years.

nate_46 said...

That movie is a classic! I took 4 different girls to see that movie (on dates). Brings back many memories. Glad you like the new van.


teresa said...

well well well all the boys read zooks blog!

btw, space balls is the stupidest movie ever made.

and it pwns.