Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Strep Throat

I sure hope your firewall is up, cause this is one nasty strain of strep we have running amok in my neck of the woods.

Hahahahahha! Get it? Neck... of the ... woods.

Sigh. You people have no sense of humor.

Zooks99 came down with it first. A mere two days later Zook97 is complaining. Good thing our pediatrician's office doesn't make us actually bring siblings in for testing.

Zooks99 finished his meds late last week. Over the weekend the whining started up again. I dragged him back down there on Monday and the test came back positive AGAIN! Oh joy.

And, to top it all off, now I have a sore throat.

I hit Prompt Care since my doctor was called out of the office on a family emergency. The doctor listened to my history, yelled out the door to the nurse, "You can throw her test away, I'm going to treat her," and in the same breath proceeded to tell me that for both days she worked this weekend there were only 3 negatives for strep.

I should be back to my usual snarky self in no time.

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MacAnthony said...

You don't by chance own a monkey, do you???