Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Zerb was MIA

I guess his little file sharing "habit" sent the IT guys off the deep end.

They cut him off! Bwahahahahah!

So now he's back.

gadzooks1995: I took the van in for the protection package today and they gave me an Element as a loaner
Zerbet: hahaha
gadzooks1995: cute on the outside in a geeky way
Zerbet: now you is cool
gadzooks1995: but totally plain on inside
gadzooks1995: reminds me of my '76 Rabbit
Zerbet: does your surfboard fit in it?
gadzooks1995: lol
gadzooks1995: why would I put my modem in there? ;)
Zerbet: "har har har" ( c ) Mister Zooks 2007
gadzooks1995: he he'
gadzooks1995: BTW, I saw a license plate that said ZERBO 5 on it at bowling alley last night
gadzooks1995: I wanted to steal it for you but I didn't
Zerbet: bah the famous are always copied
gadzooks1995: Dilbert Blog
gadzooks1995: Clearly, our kids are being taught a lot of useless crap.
Zerbet: Clearly, our kids are being taught a lot of useless crap."
gadzooks1995: lol
Zerbet: indeed
Zerbet: is there an echo in here?
gadzooks1995: sorry just spilled my egg sammich on floor
gadzooks1995: hilarity ensued
gadzooks1995: it's good to have you back
Zerbet: until some IT mook gets another hair in his arse

Note to others: Never teach your children how to record to DVR. Especially never teach them how to set up a series recording.

Just sayin'.

[deletes 6 episodes or Dirty Jobs, 9 episodes of a Naruto]


Lynx56 said...

More details on Zerb's Interneta non grata! (Yes I know that makes no sense in Latin - but it has high cuteness value.) Plus you have slandered IT people. Oh wait, I'm not one any more. Carry on.

Gadzooks64 said...

Yes, Lynx, your cuteness factor is off the charts!