Friday, April 27, 2007


I wasn't looking forward to playing this event only because there are so many bad Razz players out there.

Razz isn't a game of catching good as much as it is about your opponents catching worse than you. That doesn't stop them from running you down though. Some players refuse to fold and proceed to get lucky.

Even if you start perfect - A23 - you can only brick from there.

I was a perpetual short stack during the whole event. I had very few playable hands.

I was all in 6 times during this event. I probably could have squeaked into the money instead of going out 19 (16 paid) if I'd been just a little more patient. It's sad when A97 looks good enough to go out with but then to continue on when I brick with a Q on 4th is, to be honest, laughable. I'd been playing desperation poker for 2.5 hours and I just gave up. Sad but true.

That's definitely a leak I need to work on.

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