Sunday, April 29, 2007

Beautiful Day

So it's a stunningly beautiful day today, 82° and delightful.

After recuperating from last night's wine tasting I spent some quality time with Zooks97 watching HGTV in preparation for Oma Moni's pending arrival. She's addicted to this channel and it's easy to see why. Some of these shows are awesome.

After several hours I managed to pry my ass off the couch long enough to wash my car with the kids like I promised them yesterday.

One of those dealer options we decided to spring for was a teflon paint protection package. Worth.every.penny. I had some asphalt splatter on the fenders. Slid right off. Seriously. I'm totally impressed with how well this works. Bugs were no match for me and my microfiber cleaning cloth either.

I logged a few more quality hours with HGTV then fired up FTP after Snarf teased me with some total donkage going on at a .50/1.00 Razz table. I join only to find that my intertubes connection was giving me fits. I actually timed out and folded 532! Gaaaaaaaaah! I did manage to make a few $ before I left to beat the crap outta reset my router.

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