Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Blue Man Group

We went to see Blue Man Group last night.

Very, very good show.

Our seats were close but off to the side.

I took these pics with the digital camera but the lighting, etc., is never the greatest in those places.

Now I need to decide what show I want to see while I'm in Vegas for Vegaspaloooooza. I'm leaning towards a Circ show. Suggestions are welcome.


Lynx56 said...

You seen one Cirque show you seen 'em all. Freakish rubber mutants defying physics :-). I'll bet they go through a 55 gallon drum of Armor All each week to keep them looking lifelike.

Penn & Teller were good. They let the audience on stage to touch & play with a crate before the show. Looks solid. I dare you to figure out how it works.

Gadzooks64 said...


Saw them when we stayed at the Rio for my brother's wedding.

I didn't figure it out but I didn't go up and look either.

I'll pry end up going to a Cirque show because I have yet to see one.

ElSnarfoGrande said...

The Misses and I saw the Beatles Cirque show when we were out there in November. Since I figured this was the least scary of the shows I went with it. It was good, a little abstract for my taste but the music was great.

Why, it's Clark! said...

I'd say that if Prince is still doing club dates, you owe it to yourself to see that. But I'm a fan so that could just be me.