Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Gene Simmons

I was never a big Kiss fan. Maybe I was a little too young.

I was chatting with Huck the other day and he was telling me how hot Gene's daughter was.

Ooooookay, and how would you know this?

Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

You must be kidding me. He's doing a reality tv show a la Ozzy Osbourne?

I fire up my favorite torrent site, www.thepiratebay.org, and proceed to download the entire first season.


Gene Simmons is almost on the verge of being a caricature. Almost. A few more years and he may turn into the William Shatner of his generation.

I love the way he continues to point out that he HAS NEVER BEEN MARRIED. Never been divorced either. Happily un-married to the same woman for 23 years, yet avers to having slept with 4200 women.

His kids are adorable. And, unlike the kids from that other show, they are incredibly well adjusted and, dare I say, normal. I love the way they obviously love but definitely do not idolize their dad. The did inherit great musical talent from him. They both have a wonderful voices and Nick's started a rock band. Nick also does voice over work. They are both very mature for their ages. Somebody has done something right when it came to raising them.

Sophie: "Sexy is not good, I'm only 13."

Sophie: "Dad doing a Safe Sex Public Service announcement is like...."
Nick: "Barney selling Heineken to minors."

Gene: "Guess what? I was just invited to be on the board of Planned Parenthood."
Nick: "What! That's like being on the board of Pringles and not knowing they are made out of potato chips. That doesn't make any sense."
Sopie: "What does STD stand for?"
Gene: "I found out because you told me: sexually transmitted something."
Shannon: "Call them back and tell them you don't know anything at all."

Set you DVR. Trust me. You'll enjoy it.


Lynx56 said...

Look for the recent photo of Gene after plastic surgery. Looks like he was the victim of a serious beat down.

eblonk said...

Have you seen his cartoon series (My dad, the rockstar - if I´m correct. He is a settled down rockstar in it, he still loves to be strange, with kids that want to be normal.
I think he is fully aware he is a caricature and lives like that because it´s what he loves to do. William Fucking Shatner (as Wil Wheaton where that comes from) seems to be less aware.

I was a big Kiss fan. Nowadays I just like them. They made some good stuff.

Hrbek said...

the kids slay me