Monday, May 14, 2007

Bowling: T.O.C.

So we bowled our first Tournament of Champions event tonight.

We had a bye for the first night.

I bowled just under my average for the night but the guys were on fire!

Three of our bowlers shot over 700!

Yes, we won... handily.

After the first game a reporter from the local paper talked to Jimmy, our anchor. As you can see he shot a great game: the front 10 then a spare for 289!

After we finished bowling three of us went in and talked to the reporter some more. I think we will be included in the write up in the paper tomorrow.

The next match is this Friday. Unfortunately, that is Zooks99's birthday and I'll be having dinner with the family at my favorite steak place instead of at the bowling alley. [Yes, that was sarcasm! I love my boys! Give me steak!]

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Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Take yr time on them seven things, 'Zooks.

Oh, and you can't list that yr a kick ass bowler . . . . :)

(You should challenge Cosenza some day, if you haven't already.)