Friday, May 25, 2007

Week from Hell


My mother and I have a ton of errands to run before the kids get home from school. Yet, I had agreed to help my father-in-law download some software for his new laptop which would take 3 lifetimes to do with his dialup service - I have been trying to get him to upgrade to DSL or broadband for a few years now.

So, sure enough, I get a call from his saying he could be over at 10 am. I was hoping this wouldn't take to long but of course that wasn't the case. I spent 3 hours removing needless programs, downloading his desired anti-virus and adaware software, installing Office and some general configuring.

All of this wouldn't be so bad if MY OWN DAMN COMPUTER HADN'T STARTED ACTING ALL FUNKY ON ME. So not only am I dealing with his business, my own many computer exploits were combining to drive me nuts.

Ok, so let's recap: I have a ton of things to do, my FIL comes over with his new laptop, and my own computer starts acting squirrelly.

It's now 1 pm, I haven't eaten and I have to run errands.

It's no wonder that I didn't remember to update the Pokerslut Leaderboard.


My mother, here from Germany, needs to go to the Social Security Office to fill out her claim for benefits (something we were supposed to do on Monday, see above.)

It turns out that she needs a bunch of documentation that she LEFT AT HOME IN GERMANY. Sigh. Just another issue I have to do deal with THAT'S NOT EVEN MY PROBLEM.

Add to this a sudden onset pain in my abdomen that is FARKING KILLING ME. I had visited the emergency room back in February for the same thing. The ER Dr. told me that he had no clue what was wrong with me but here's an Rx for Vicodin and Pravachol and hopefully these will help. At the time I refused to fill them because I was convinced that one would only help the symptoms while the other would help with SYMPTOMS I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE.

Flash forward to Tuesday: I was desperate enough for relief of any kind that I went to my local pharmacy to fill those prescriptions. Turns out my insurance won't cover the Pravachol but the pharmacist recommended that I try Prilosec OTC - which at 15.00 compared to 160.00 was a bargain. I took one of those immediately and waited to get home to indulge in my narcotic. Since it was pretty late in the evening I took the Vicodin and went to bed. Can't really say anything about how well it works but I was still pretty uncomfortable most of the night.

This may give you a clue as to how bad it was: I called in sick for bowling. Enough said.

P.S. Still not in the mood remembering to update Pokerslut Leaderboard.


Not feeling to good and certainly not going to eat anything just in case.

Manage to figure out what my puter's problem is [thank god for Google].

Last month I scheduled a Home Owner's Association Board meeting for tonight. In the mean time, a friend schedules a home party, my bowling team from the fall season has to bowl in the Tournament of Champions AND my chiropractor invites me to his home game FOR THE SAME DAMN NIGHT.


I end up rescheduling the board meeting (a perk of being president), placing an order for the home party after the fact, bowling with my team (we got pwned) and running off to the poker game.

The guys in this game personify the any two (sooooooted) cards donktards. I folded, folded, folded, folded, ad nauseum. I made money but only because this one guy couldn't/wouldn't fold to me even when I check-raised him with TPTK on the turn. On the river I pushed all in for less than a couple dollars and he folded.

Didn't get home until midnight.

P.S. At least I did remember to write Full Tilt support for the last Pokerslut Tour event's results as I remember too late to try to get screen shots of the standings.


Got up to get the kids off to school and went back to sleep until 11:00. Cleaning ladies coming so we need to get out of the house. My mother is ungodly perky and insists on doing some shopping BEFORE WE GO TO LUNCH WHEN I AM STARVING.

Finally have lunch. My nicotine addicted mother needs a smoke so we stroll before heading off for yet more shopping. Target and Lowes are finally behind us and we head home.

At 8:08 pm Zooks97 informs me that he and his brother will be receiving awards for having earned the most Accelerated Reader points for their respective classes and the cermony will be at 9:00 am THE NEXT DAY.

I already have to run an early errand and that's just another thing I will have to do on a day I was hoping would be filled with NOTHING. Of course I neglect to call the in-laws to warn them of the impeding award assembly.

P.S. Still waiting for results from Full Tilt so no Pokerslut Leaderboard update.


Shower at the crack of dawn.

Recall that in-laws might want to go to awards assembly so I call them at 8:15. They are of course thrilled that I gave them 45 minutes warning. [moon]

Run out of house to do errand before going to ceremony at school. Get to school and finish my errand only to find that I have "extras" when there are no such thing as extras.

Attend assembly. Applaud loudly and proudly.

Run back home to clear up the "extras" issue. Return to school to correct my error.

Head off to McDonald's to satisfy my mother's urge for a Sausage McMuffin with Egg and a Bacon, Egg & Cheese biscuit for me. Too bad they effed it all up and I ended settling for a Canadian Bacon and Egg biscuit WHICH IS NOT THE SAME, just saying.

So my mother is jonesing for a stroll through Big Lots. Sigh. I take her there and at one point start to snooze on a couch in the furniture section when I tell her I'll just wait for her in the car. She has no idea how dangerously close she came to being left in Big Lots.

We get back home and I sleep until the kids get home.

My mother is dying to try this salmon dish that TGIFridays is advertising on TV every 15 minutes. So, yeah, you guessed it, we had dinner at Fridays.

Guess who HAS to go to Sam's Club for a cigarette run?

While pulling into Sam's Club she spots Kohl's and says we can go there first for a pillow she wants. One purse [for me] and a pillow later we are finally on our way to Sam's.

A case of beer, a case of Captain Morgan drinks, a case of Gatorade, an Rx and several packages of Lily bulbs later we finally get home.

I'm working on half a vicodin and a drink.

My mother is leaving soon. Thankfully.

P.S. Still nothing from Full Tilt. I may have to email them again.

8:30 pm Update

Mother just tripped on stairs and twisted ankle.

Upside: probably no more shopping for a while.

Downside: had to share my vicodin.


teresa said...

"A case of beer, a case of Captain Morgan drinks"

be sure to take those to big lots w ya, youre gonna need em.

am said...

You crazy kids...what with your newfangled drugs and alcohol...