Sunday, June 10, 2007



I read about the Binion's "Poor Man's WSOP" Series at and though to myself, "What a great idea!" Who really wants to spend thousands of dollars playing a donkey deep crapshoot when you can spend hundreds of dollars playing a donkey deep crapshoot!

The Effers headed over to Binion's on Friday for Schoon and Sly to play in the $250 HORSE tournament. The rest of us donked it up at the cash games for a while. We also wandered around Freemont street taking in the sights and sounds and foot long daquiries with or without the strap-on.

The Golden Nugget has one of the best Players Card perks. They load your card with free $10 worth of slot machine credits. Zerbet found us a bank of $1 slots to play. He spun away his $10 in 5 pulls with nothing to show for it but the pleasure of jerking that long armed bandit's handle or not. I do have to admit that I'm a purist when it comes to slots - not that I ever play them but damnit if/when I do I WANT TO PULL THAT DAMN HANDLE. I managed to cashout for $20 and Mr2jt finally found a redemption machine to cash in his $2 voucher that he refused to redeem at the cashier because he was embarrased that it was only $2. Hey, free money is FREE MONEY.

We enjoyed some of the cash games while the HORSE was going on. Khanwoman had a hottie sitting next to her at one of her tables that she won't shut up about. Fred was very pretty on the eyes AND he a 300 ring and you know what that means to me! He's infinitly more hawt with the 300 ring that he would be without it. He was there with his "What's a blog?" friend who would not give us his while continuing to deny that he had a blog. Fred and his friend were invited to play the private HORSE tournament at IP and my goal will be to extract said friend's blog name and stalk him like the pokerslut blogger I am.

Virge and his hottie of the moment showed up for a while. He didn't have that maniacal glint in his eyes that I was sure he would. Pokerlusky and his fiancee' showed up as we were leaving from dinner. He opted for the goatee look. Since his fiancee' also prefers the goatee I'm sure I know WHY he opted for that look and it has nothing at all to do with the poll on the forum and everything to do with the "Goatees have gotten many a man laid." post that somebody wrote on the forum.

The crew returned on Saturday for the women to play in the Ladies event. I went out first after I was assigned the world's tightest table. We were one of the final two tables so we were never going to be moved. It was impossible to get any chips. I went out in the low 120s out of 250+ish.

DranDead built a nice chipstack while running over her table. Considering Khanwoman was on her left that's an impressive feat. Dran made it down to 83ish.

Khanwoman made it very deep. She kept being moved to the next breaking table which was very frustrating. After a double up and catching QQ to take out two more people she had quite a nice stack. She had a good sized stack when talk of a deal came up. Somebody had the brilliant of a 20 way chop for just over 1K! WTF!?!?! It was their contention that everybody this tournament really wanted nothing more than a buyin to the WSOP Ladies event. NAWT. Khanwoman thought they were total idiots and refused the offer along with a few others. The offer was repeated made and refused. As we were walking out they were down to the final table.

After I busted those damn Effers talked the Binion's people into starting a table of 1/2 no ante Razz. The kicker was: the table would be filled with ONLY EFFERS! I was convinced that would be the lowest EV table ever. I ended up buying and HAD THE BEST TIME I HAVE EVER HAD AT THE POKER TABLE. Those dealers were awesome and damn fun. I think the Effers table will be a legend at Binion's right along with Texas Dolly and Amarillo Slim. We were told ever Razz table played at Binion's. We played for hours and had the best time ever! Only when those "walking dead" 3rd shift dealers came on did our table start to calm down.

There was an elderly gentleman that watched our table for a while and took am's seat when he decided to take a break. He must have thought he'd walked into a 3 ring circus and I'm sure he had a great time. He did get up at one time but I think overall he broke even. He was the only non-Effer to play.

Sly was in megadonktastic form. He rebought and then he took Mrs. Sly's rack and donated some of it. Dekker was loosy goosy - I'm thinking playing live with him will be the only way to get any of my money back from him. Mr2jt has a awesome run at the 4/8 O8 tables and decided to donk off a rack to us. I almost doubled up early but proceeded to give of it back. Lynx was Mr. Tighty McTight AND the table's BI Biatch but managed to nurse his short stack for hours. Zerbet walked away with 2 plus racks. Am was card dead and everytime he left the table for any reason it transferred to ELM who was on his left. ELM played her usualy awesome game but didn't have the chips to show for it.

Binion's is a great place to play. The Effers enjoyed it immensely.

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