Friday, June 15, 2007

Flamingo Tournament

As was par for the course for me in Vegas, I showed up right on time for the 7:00 pm $60 buy-in tournament at the Flamingo. Turns out that wasn't early enough to get immediate seating.

DranDead and I were put on the alternate list.

Unfortunately for the other 5 Effers and Ante Uppers, they all DREW THE SAME DAMN TABLE. How bad would that suck?

I made it on a table right after the first level. Folded the first few hands and then picked up KK in middle position. I raise to 4x and get 2 callers. Flop JTx. I bet 900 into a 1200 and get raised to 2000 which would put me all in. I call and he shows....... drum roll please, KTh. He put me all in with MIDDLE FARKING PAIR AND A RUNNER RUNNER FLUSH DRAW. I doubled up early which is always nice.

I get some strong hands and raise but get no action after having shown the KK hand.

Pretty soon we are down to 2 tables and I'm not getting much. I honestly don't recall playing another hand until the final table.

A maniac came to our table that had run amok at the Effer's table. He'd been pushing all in and sucking out in rare fashion. He started to pull the same crap at my table but he was caught with his pants down a few times. He managed to spew to JUST ABOUT EVERYBODY ON MY TABLE BUT ME! Damnit. He donked off big to this one pretty good and aggressive woman who rode that chip lead to the final table.

I wasn't in too bad of shape when we hit the final table but I got screwed twice when the blinds double on my big blind. Aggro Bitch raised my BB when I had 92o and I had to fold, sigh.

A very tight player was UTG and raised it up. I was on her left and looked at AJc. I wasn't sure was she had but it was getting to desperation time for me so I pushed. Oh shit, she had AKs. Flop was AJx. She was totally pissed. I apologized like a fool.

One guy, who later admitted he didn't think he would be the one to benefit from his offer, suggested we take money off the top few places and pay the Bubble Boy his entry back. Turns out he ended being Bubble Boy.

So here we are In The Money when I get hit with the newly doubled BB, Aggro Bitch raises me again and I have trash so I fold. I post the SB and I had maybe a couple hundred chips behind when I pick up K2d. I figure I can't be in all that bad of shape versus a random hand so I push with it and of course the damn BB wakes up with AQ. NH, GG, IGHN.

Zerbet chewed me out because the BB and the UTG were both short stacks. He thought I should have folded there and hoped that one of them would go out before me. I'm sure he has a point. When you don't have the chip counts on the "screen" in front on you it is sometimes hard to think ahead like that. I might have been able to go up one more spot or maybe even two had I done that.

$100 - $60 buy-in = $35!


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