Monday, June 18, 2007

Getting Sick

Getting sick sucks.

Getting sick on vacation REALLY SUCKS.

I got to Las Vegas on Thursday, but Friday night I sounded like an ancient hooker with a 5 pack a day habit - and, contrary to popular belief, that's not my usual voice.

I visited the local prompt care the morning after my return only to be told that I did not have strep. All of you degenerates that I hacked on during the rest of my stay in Vegas should be very thankful as I have the unique talent of sucking in and nurturing every stray strand of strep virus within a brazillian angstroms of my nasal passages.

The news of a negative strep result was actually bittersweet. I didn't have strep and would have to just ride this summer cold out instead of getting some suhwheat antibiotics that would surely leave me feeling better in mere days. As it stands I'm approaching the 10 day mark with only modest improvement.

The real kicker is that we are leaving on our family vacation this coming Saturday. Ten fun filled days with my in-laws and my husband's younger brother's family.

I had better not be hacking up a lung for this whole trip.

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Lynx56 said...

You're totally missing the benefit of this throat thing. None of the in-laws will want to be around (i.e. bother) you.