Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I had to drag my ass out of bed Sunday morning and get ready for the HORSE event. I was running so late that I was walking up as it was supposed to start. Nothing like seeing everybody milling around waiting for me to get there so we could get this show on the road.

Swag used for additional prizes (Props to Zerbet and Mrs. Sly)

I was pleasantly surprised to see Falstaff, Mattazuma and Shaman Alex had showed up to play with us. I had pimped the event to Falstaff Friday night at the MGM. We also had a guy who walked up and wanted to play. Since we didn't have two full tables yet we said we'd be delighted to have him play with us. Unfortunately, Columbo was running late and didn't make it in time. Our guest had never played HORSE and didn't return after the first break. Had we thought about it in time we could have let Columbo play his stack - which he eventually did but only when it was down to one big bet in Stud. He did manage to win that hand and triple up but then lost to Khanwoman when she hit her miracle gutshot on 7th to take him out!

Khanwoman, Columbo, and Zooks

Everything went smoothly. The dealers were happy to deal to us even if they weren't terribly confident in their knowledge of pitching the non-holdem games. Props to the poker room manager Jake and his tournament director.

Mrs. Sly, who had shopping on her mind, busted out first and received a lovely parting gift.

I went out after the second break and had to run back to the room to take care of picturing uploading and blog posting so I missed much of the rest of the tournament.

A couple notable hands:

Falstaff and Zerbet went set over set when they flopped sets KK v 88. That was very painfull for Zerbet.

Falstaff also took out Snarf when he hit quad Jacks.

Falstaff had a nice stack for a while but busted out before the money.

Khanwoman snuck into 4th place for a decent little cash. Mattazuma went out 3rd. Shaman Alex (chipleader) and Sly Selea worked a chop.

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