Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Life is...

Finally getting back to normal.

If you are a total lewzor and haven't been hanging on my every word ... my mother was here visiting from Germany for the last four weeks. She's finally on her way back home. I dropped her off at the shuttle at HOMGITSFRAKINGEARLY this morning.

Now I can resume my life, such that it is.

While my mother was here I played nearly no poker [didn't qualify for the RTR freeroll for the first time in 4 months], drove a brazillian miles to shop and return and reshop, and pretty much ran myself ragged.

I need a vacation from my mother's vacation.

Thankfully, Vegaspaloooza starts Thursday. Provided, of course, that I manage to get myself packed.

I'm so looking forward to meeting all my poker pals, playing some live poker, and just getting away from the madness that is my day to day existance. Hard to fathom, but I believe this trip will actually be relaxing compared to the last month with my kids and my mother. My goal is to play an absurd amount of poker and return with enough cash leftover to pay for my new Motorola Q. It's good to have ridiculously low and essentially meaningless goals.

Recently I found myself at a Token Frenzy table with Miami Don. He linked to my blog the other day and I hope that helps attract some players to the Pokerslut Tour. Not that we don't have enough good players but some new blood is always a good thing. The next season doesn't start until July 8th - mostly because that's the first day that I could play since I will be on vacation pretty much the whole month of June.

Speaking of bloggers, they are going to be in Vegas this coming weekend as well. I would love to play in their private tournament on Saturday but I've decided to play in the Binion's Ladies event instead. I will, however, be dropping by the MGM for some low limit mixed games with them on Friday night.

It seems that Binion's has decided to host a poor man's WSOP this year and perhaps for years to come. They are essentially hosting an identical schedule only one day earlier - and significantly cheaper than - the WSOP events. Many of the Vegaspaloozers and Bloggers plan to play the $250 HORSE on Friday. I'll probably rail for a bit before I get bored and try to find a cash game to donk off in.

DraNDead, Khanwoman and I are playing the Binion's Ladies event on Saturday. DraNDead won a FTP Bracelet event and is thinking about buying into the WSOP Ladies event on Sunday. I hope to satellite into that as well but if I don't there will be a private HORSE event for Vegaspalooozers and any Bloggers than would like to play at the IP at 11am Sunday morning.

So, why am I blogging instead of packing you ask? No clue... but I think I will need a nap, first.

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