Friday, June 22, 2007


I get the privilege of packing today.

Packing, first, for my two sons who will insist that 3 pairs of underwear and 14 gray tshirts is all they will need for 10 days of travel.

Packing for myself which must be proceeded by unpacking from Vegaspalooza.

I sense there will also be last minute laundry in order to amass the requisite clothing since washing clothes along the way will probably not be an option.

This evening I will be at the bowling alley spending quality time with my son and balls. I haven't bowled in almost two weeks. Yes, I am having withdrawals.

Any time I have after returning home from bowling may be spent trying to clear my last $10 of FTP bonus. After eeking out a near break even night last night - including the $15 of bonus - I'm not sure I'm up for any more of that nonsense.

I'm still debating about taking my laptop with me on this trip. Mostly because I'm sure there will be little if any internet access. However, I can always draft blog posts for later postage. I will also be taking a ton of pictures. I would like to get the pictures on the puter asap.

The bitch of traveling with a laptop is airport security. Not only do I have to take off my watch, belt, and shoes... I have to remove laptop from backpack and it's neoprene case as well as get out my camera. It's a nightmare to be stuck behind me - I usually end up using 3 tubs: purse, shoes, etc; backpack with camera; laptop.

The laptop (17" screen) weighs a ton. I will have to lug this bad boy around the airports because I refuse to pack it in my luggage. Once we get there and start the bus portion of the trip I can pack it in my luggage but until then I get to play sherpa.

Rinse and repeat for return voyage.

Not sure it will be worth it.

Long story, well, longer. I won't be around for the next 10ish days or so. Never fear, I'm sure I'll be back with more to bore you with. Have I let you down, yet?

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jamyhawk said...

I'll miss reading your posts. Have a safe trip.