Friday, June 15, 2007

Planet Ho Tournament

Zerb and I are seated at the same table. There's a woman I recall from the Binion's Ladies event.

The first hand I play is AJ in late position, I raise and the Lady calls from BB, she checks and I take it down with continuation bet on a Q high board.

I pick up 9Ts in late position in a limped pot, flop flush draw, turn a gutshot, river flush. I bet every street and the one player with me the whole way insta-folds on the river.

I look down at A5s in SB and complete, flop top two, bet out get raised, tell him I'll bet him all in and he folds.

Get AA twice and get pushed on both times and thankfully they held up. First time was a couple hands after Snuffy had it; he raised up to 18k so I min raise to 16k and get pushed on by QQ. That really helped me out as I was starting to get short. One guy had his AA outrun by 66 and wasn't very happy about it.

Final table, I'm one of the chipleaders and I push with A6 into the short stacks from early position get called by A5 flop is 23x turn 5 river 6. Ship it.

When we get down to 6 Snuffy suggests that 4th-6th pool and split evenly and 1st-3rd do the same as those players were pretty close in chipcount. The 4th place guy wanted nothing to do with it. Next hand he lost a boatload of chips to another SS player but he managed to get them back and finished 4th when I put him all in with A7 and he called - A on flop and he's done.

We got down to three: Handsome Swiss Guy (120k), Snuff (110k) and ME (80k)! The HSG proposes a deal where we hold out $600 to pay 2nd $200 more than 3rd and 1st $200 more than 2nd. Sounded like a great deal to me - 3rd place actually benefited the most from that arrangement.

First hand 3 ways HSG raises from the button and Snuffy folds. I debate it for a long time and decide to push with A7. He calls and shows AK, doh! NH, GG, IGHN with $487 tyvm. After the fact Snuffy tells me he folded A5 and he normally would have never done that.

Who knew a Slut could cash in tournament at Planet Ho?!?!


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