Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vacations are...


Man, we have been kept busy busy busy on this trip.

I'm in the hotel trying to clear out my email and google reader while one of the kids is crashed. The other kid is at the pool but he better take a nap too or he won't last through the rodeo tonight.

This tour we are on has a photo contest. Tell which of my vacation pics you like the best.

My personal faves are here. The rest them can be found here and here and here and maybe more here. With the rodeo tonight, UCross Ranch tomorrow, and Crazy Horse Monument and Mt Rushmore the next day I am no where near done with the picture taking.

... and many more.


Hrbek said...

u know i'm an art-diretcor typoe right? sry in advance.

i LUVS the sky in the first one with the freaky tree.

the others are lovely.

i MUCH prefer the composition to be less symmetrical or have the focal point/focal pt. in the middle either vertically or horizontally. e.g., i thnk THIS PIC OF HERONS is much better than the single heron because the composition is framed in such a way that the eye has places to go. there's some dynamic space. cut it right down the middle and u lose a little energy.

that rule of 1/3rds technique (put the focus toward the 1/3 way pt vert and horz somewhere) can be tiresome overdone, but experiment w that a little.

nice pix! i LOVES that part of the country.

honeynmoooned in cody, wy and used to drive from mpls to yellowstone or MT, going thru s dak badlands and medora in n dak. it's like sparse and stuff.

ok ... out

Gadzooks64 said...

So far I've only edited a few of the eagle pictures. The rest are untouched.

I tend to play with composition more with cropping than on the fly although I do at least try to get something interesting.

Figured the photo contest would rather have something more "generic" than artistic.

Thanks for the feedback!

jamyhawk said...

I like the pic of the raft with the mountains in the background.
That's it.