Saturday, June 30, 2007


So we continue our tour of the Wild Wild West with a day in Cody, Wyoming and the next day into South Dakota.

We attended the Cody Rodeo which is a nightly event in the summer time. We were just a couple days too early for the National Bull Riders Association event but it was still very nice watching the less than professional cowboys strut their stuff.

After the required pimping of all the local businesses and restaurants, God, and Country the rodeo began.

There were several unsuccessful attemps at bronc riding followed by calf roping, barrel racing and finally bull riding.

It was fun for all ages!

The drive from Cody to the U Cross Ranch was very scenic. We actually rode by a real cattle drive in process!

The rugged mountains and canyons along the way reminded me of Northern New Mexico, one of my favorite places in the whole world.

We stopped at the Shell Falls on the way. Yawn, more stunning scenery... will it ever end?

These lichens were almost as interesting as the waterfalls.

Lunch was served at a lodge high up in the mountains. Most of their visitors are snow mobilers who come to enjoy the ridiculous amount of snow the area gets in the winter time. The wildflowers were carpeting the high meadows. I'm sure they won't be there much longer - our timing was perfect.

We ended up at U Cross, a small vacation ranch with horses, a pool, tennis courts, a pond and all the modern amenities - many of which were tried out by the clan.

South Dakota

We made our way into South Dakota today. The first stop was the Crazy Horse Monument.

The size and scope of this project are overwhelming. I seriously doubt it will be finished even in my children's lifetimes.

Next we hit Mt. Rushmore!

Woot! On my home tomorrow! Back to my house on Monday!

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Hrbek said...

love the cody rodeo, another hilite from honeymoon.

also funny ranch name: UXU ranch on the road from Yellowstone to Cody was once shared by husband and wife. The deeevorced and he named his new ranch, on the road to her work so she passed it 2X a day, The You Bitch You Ranch.

They made him change it, so he re-named it the UXU ranch so she'd still know what that meant.

OUT Hhrbek