Sunday, July 22, 2007


I played my first ever 2 table $10 sng today. It went well.

I raised a couple times and had to fold to a reraise or flop bet went I whiffed. This first hand was something else. I raised from the button with AK. Flop didn't hit me but I continuation bet it and this guy raised me. I really had to go with it cause I was short stacked enough to just push it all in. I was SHOCKED when I saw his hand and even more shocked that my AK held up.

Well, after my first adventure with this idiot I was sure not going to back down from this hand with top pair shitty kicker. Turns out my read was dead on. Sure I had to sweat a couple cards but I was gooooooooot and he'd given me enough chips already that I could afford to lose this one to him.

Ok, I admit, I sucked out well a couple times. I have to thank 88 for holding up for me twice when I pushed it all in and ended up against overcards. The first time was to a min raise by a short stack. I pushed to isolate and another decent stack pushed it all in. The shortstack insta-folded and I was up against AK. After that I had a decent stack and we were in ITM.

I raised and pushed to a reraise: I ran my QQ right smack dab into AA. No help on flop but a Q on turn and I was now HU pretty even in chips.

A few hands into HU and I pick up TT. I raise it and he calls. Flop Q8s9s. He pushed into me and I called. He had KsJs and I had a ton a spades to avoid and a couple Ts as well. Luckily the turn and river were two little clubs and I was home free.

I know luck plays a big part of any win in poker. I was impressed with how well the AA guy took his bad beat. I even said sorry in the chat. I would have been happy to take home 3rd place. I was using up my luck at a wicked pace in this thing and figured I didn't really deserve to win that hand. The poker gods have been smiling on me lately and I guess I should just bask in it for now.

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am said...

Nice take down, zooks!