Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back to Bowling

The plan was to WATCH my team bowl this morning and give the ankle one more week to recuperate.

But, noo o oo o oo o.

Seems our regular bowler didn't show up because we had a sub scheduled.

Sigh, I even called him to make sure he'd be there.

Somebody's going to get Butch slapped.

184, 171..... 115.

Yeah, you read that right: 115. I had 6 open frames, 3 of which where splits. I could not pick up a 10 pin to save my life. At least I'll have some handicap next week.

Natalie bowled a 300 the first game. She's been on fire lately. NH, GG.

My ankle handled it remarkably well. I had to keep it on the table between frames but all in all not too bad. This looks like a fun league and we've got a great team. I really like bowling with Jimmy (650 series, tyvm) and Trey (OMG don't hurt me next time you see me, Zooks! I really had something important to do, no really!). We have a lot of fun bowling together. We also bowl together on Monday nights with Steve and Jon but that doesn't start until after Labor Day. My ankle should be much better by then.

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