Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cards, Cards, Cards

I have sooooo many decks of cards.

No, really.

I'm not even including all the paper Bicycle, casino, souvenir, and pron decks that I have.

Those near and dear to me know of this "issue" and graciously choose to ignore me when I start talking about cards.

I, for one, LOVE the four color decks. I even snagged a Copag set of them:

I had already ordered a set of the "official" and "authentic" WSOP cards online from the Gamblers General Store before I even went to Vegaspalooza. Snuffy told me he was headed to the B&M store and I tagged along. Talk about card lover's paradise! I snagged me a deck of KEMs, woooot! and a couple sets of Star Wars cards for the kids.

I also asked them about the cards that were rejected after the first day of use. Now THOSE I'd really like to get my hands on. Not sure where that stands; I'll probably have to give them a call here pretty soon.

The other half tossed me a package after his trip the the mail box. This is what was in it!

Yes, I am a shameless consumer.

I'm sure I'll pop the plastic on these bad boys eventually but it'll have to be a pretty special occasion.

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am said...

I actually have a set of Deadwood cards for you -- if I can remember to send them out.

I wouldn't want you to confuse the package with your normal brown box receipts.