Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Nothing Day

Finally, a day where I don't HAVE to do anything. Oh sure, I have stuff I COULD do. But, I WON'T. I'll save that for LATER.

After I watched Gene Simmon's Family Jewels and Entourage I settled in with Ye Olde Laptop for some quality "Do Nothing" time.

I ventured onto Full Tilt to see what was going on. Pretty much nothing but there was a $5 MTT starting up in 15 minutes. So I jumped on.

Let's just say I have no intentions of every doing that again.

Not only are the idiots, they are push monkey idiots. I was SHOCKED at how badly this played.

I pick up my first hand in 2+ rounds: TT in BB. One limper, a late position raise and I call, limper calls. Flop 5 3 2 rainbow.

I push and get called.

That last one on the river was just overkill IMHO. Srsly. IGHN.

I'm off to hit n run the local Culver's. Flavor of the day: Creamy Butterfinger.

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