Sunday, August 05, 2007

Poker Hangover

Poker hangover is a good thing most days. However, today, not so much. I have to be at the club in an hour to meet the In-laws for brunch. They kept my kids last night while I was acquiring my poker hangover. I <3 my In-laws.

I had the first home game in a while last night. It was a sort of going away party for Eric and Ellen. They decided to take their toys and go play with other people in Raleigh, NC. They will be sorely missed. I'm not sure how my home game will continue without Eric's crazy personality.

I had invited the Peoria Poker Meetup group and recieved RSVPs from a few. One did make it with a friend of his. I was very impressed with these young guys. They had game. Unfortunately, one ran into a guy whose game consists mostly of sucking out in the most unusual ways with any two cards, well, that and making donktastic calls.

I busted out of the first tourney just in the money and managed to take down the second one for a tidy little profit on the night.

After some cleanup I fell into bed around 3am. I had to be up and perky for a 10:30am brunch with the family to celebrate my MIL's birthday. It was a struggle.

The whole fam damily went to the In-laws for cake and social time afterwards. More perkiness required. After I was about to fall asleep in my chair I herded everybody out the door. I punched the garage door opener button more times than I can recall before I surmised that the power must be out. My laptop confirmed that power had been out for about 45 minutes when we got home.

The other half called the power company only to be told that the power outage might last as long as 1AM. OMGWTF!?!?!?!? 1 AM!?!?!?! Eff it. I'm taking a nap. Luckily the power was back on in no time at all. With the heat index hovering in the mid to upper 90s now is no time for the power to be out.

We had to be at the local university at 4:30 for the kids' summer camp orientation. I had a brief nap and rounded up the guilty parties. Imagine my joy at hearing, "Whyyyyyy do we have to go to thissssssssssss. I don't want to do this, blah blah blah."

"Because Mommy lives to make you do things you hate."

After a pleasant dinner out we are now back at home. It's going to be an early night at the Zooks house. I think I'm going to pass on the Pokerslut Tour tonight. The kids' have an early orthodontist appointment and I'm still pissy from my poker hangover.

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