Thursday, August 16, 2007



The Zooks boys headed off to their first day of school for this year!

What does Momma Zooks do? Why type her little fingers raw updating the Home Owners Association Email List and Directory Spreadsheet. Oh, joy.

The good news is that it keeps me off my sprained ankle. On Sunday I was preparing for a lively poker session on Ye Olde Laptop. I was dragging said laptop down the stairs to the basement when I somehow missed that last step.

Mommy Zooks said many bad words... out loud. Very loud.

I've been through this enough to know that the first hours are critical. I stayed off of it, did my best gymnastic maneuvers to keep it elevated and iced the heck out of it. After one horrible night's sleep it was somewhat swollen and bruised but it would hold a little weight.

Days 1-4

Bad news: no bowling for a while. The new season starts up later this month. I hope to recover enough by then to play.

But, I digress!

Schooooooooooooooooooooool is in session!

The little darlings will be home soon. Sigh. I dunno who's idea it was to have two half days of school before the first week of full days BUT IT IS A SUCKY IDEA. We didn't have that when I was a kid in the dark ages before Cable Television, Cordless Phones and Desktop Computers. Look at us now: strong and hairy like real women should be!

Kids these days are soft. Soft I tell you.


teresa said...

that looks horrible!!

but, on another note, im glad u shaved ur legs for the pic :D

SC said...

U get a spray tan on Day 4???


am said...!

DraNDead said...

So sorry...just wear a short skirt...with your legs no one will notice!