Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bowling 'n Stuff

We started the Thursday morning league. It didn't start off well. Jimmy and I thought Trey was going to bowl with us but then he said he couldn't, then he could but not the first 3 weeks. It was a scramble to find somebody to bowl for him until he got his act together.

Last week was Trey's first week. He didn't even bowl a 600 series and ended up with handicap [gasp!].

Jimmy and Trey are both 200+ bowlers. I'm supposed to be the handicap.

This was the score for our second game today.

During the game I threatened to take the both out back and beat the shit outta them if neither of them bowled a better game than me. Jimmy had a little problem relaying this threat to Trey (I made it while Trey was bowling). It came out rather pornographic if you get my drift.

We went on to take 3/4 games. We may have the lead in the league now as the first place team lost one and split one with their opponents. Wooooooooot!

I ran my errands today after bowling. At the grocery store I spotted this:

This should be a crime.


The last thing I need is cheesecake right out of a tub.


We had some landscaping done this week. It came out dynamite. I can't wait to see it in a few years when the shrubs have had a chance to grow.



During II


My Maple is Turning.

One of My New Mums

One Last Hydrangea Bloom

A New Spiraea

My Globe Blue Spruce

Had two of these but one died.
Have no clue what it is but it's very pretty.

I was messing around with camera this morning and took this shot.

Frightening, isn't it?

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am said...

You may want to have your Optometrist take a look at that!