Monday, September 24, 2007

Home Game

My Home Game met this weekend. After the Nielsens moved I was afraid that it would fall apart. We'd be making one table pretty regularly and two tables a couple of times but it seemed that many of my neighbors were losing interest in playing. I invited a couple of new people and they brought friends while some regulars were unable to come.

We started the first tournament with 2 tables of 6. It took a while but we got down to one table of 10. It wasn't long before they started another small table while the first one played out.

It seemed to be the night of the sick river card. Several times someone with a dominating hand got screwed by the river or the river made both hands but one was better than the other.

Here they both made a straight.

I got short and picked up KK. We got it all in preflop but every card that came gave AQ more and more outs. I was so annoyed that it ended up a split pot.

This guy learned to never ever limp Aces. Ever.

I was down to 1000 with 800 of it in the BB when I looked down at ATo after UTG limped and the SB completed. It was by far the best hand I'd seen in a while and I was definitely going with it. I put my last 200 in and they both called, of course. Oddly, no one improved their hand at all and my AT out ran Krag and Arag to scoop the pot and get me up to 3000 in chips.

I don't know how I did it but I managed to come back from there and I chopped for the win! Wooooot!

The second one was a blur. I drank another beer and got very tired. I was about to go comatose.

Only one hand stands out for me. The table was playing pretty tight. I pick up 77 utg and raise it up. OH crap, I get 2 callers. Sigh. Flop comes T high no 7. I check, guy behind me that was "Oh, I'm so calling that" when I raised also checked and the last guy goes all in. He's short and I'm pretty sure he whiffed that board so I call. The guy behind shows me AK and folds. All in shows K9s for nothing - no draw, no pair, nada. I river a 7 for a set but I was ahead the whole way.

The rest is a blur but, again, I managed to chop for the win! Wooooooot!

I have only won the home game once before but I have cashed all but one night. To win it twice in one night it a sign that I may never win it again.

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tsheets said...

Thanks for having us, Zooks! Had a good time!