Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kicker Problems

I managed to make the money in a 10$ sng WITHOUT PLAYING A HAND.

Yes, you read that correctly. I played ZERO hands and made it to the money.

I finally limped with JTo in the SB, whiffed the flop, and folded.

I pushed with 77 and got called by 44. Nice double up for me.

The chip leader takes out the second place guy: JJ>88.

I make it to 2nd place money having only played 2-3 hands! Wooooot!

He's got me horribly outchipped - he'd been taking out almost every player at the table while I was in my folding frenzy. I push with KQc and get called by Q5h and he hits a 5 on flop. I'll take second place, tyvm.

I register for another sng. This one was entirely different. These guys talked smack from the first hand to the last. There were 4 of us left at the break. I did manage to suck out on KK with my QQ. Horrible call on my part. So I supposed I should not be at all pissed by the fact that my AK was outrun by AQ ON THE BUBBLE.

But, I am.

At the same time I was in a Token Frenzy. I ended up in a 3 way all in with AQ v A8 v Krag on an A high flop (all in with the A8 guy on flop) only to have an 8 pop up on turn to give me a losing hand.

Can I be bitter now?

Ok. I was down but not out in the Frenzy. I stick around long enough to push my miniscule stack after two other pushers. I was in with AKs v KTh and Arag. Do you really want to know? Of course you do. KT flops a straight and I don't catch a T to make a better one.


Do you see a trend here? KQ < Q5, AK < AQ, AQ < A8, and AK < Ax < KT

I guess I just have kicker issues. Mine are too damn big.

Then I get talked into a cheap HORSE SNG with some fellow effers. It's looking good so far but I don't want to push my karma buy going any further. On the bubble now and I'm chip leader....

Stay tuned.

Yep, knew it. Knew I should have kept my mouth shut. But noo oo o o o.

I bubbled getting it all in with the best hand and bricked out in Razz.

I hate poker at the moment.

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jamyhawk said...

OK, I have to laugh. But not at you. I have had those same nights (weeks..months?).

You can't rationalize it. Just keep playing your game. There is a reason that AK is not 100% to win when you are ahead pre-flop. The odds will swing back to your favor.