Saturday, September 08, 2007

Token Troubles

I had one $24 and one $75 token just sitting around burning and whole in my virtual poker pocket.

I decided to play a two table Tier 2 with the $24 token fully intending to bail for the money when it got to the that point. I made it down to the bubble and NOBODY was calling ANYBODY that pushed. I picked up AJ and figured I would steal the blinds but NO O O O O OO OO!

I ran my AJ right into AQ to bubble for NOTHING!


Then I noticed that a Turbo Tier Three was about to go off - just waiting for one more player. Next thing I know I clicked register and the table was up. WTF was I doing? I usually hate turbos!

I manage to score some chips early! Wooooot! I was chip leader for most of this thing but then this guy on my right went into pushmonkey mode - EXCEPT for when a short stack went all in from the button and he was the SB - that's when he would fold and leave me to take him on with my 5To in the BB. I wanted to kill him.

By the time we got down to heads up he was a 5:1 chipleader when this happened. Good thing I was already hitting a decent payday.

Best part was when this popped up!


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jamyhawk said...

Nicely done!