Wednesday, October 17, 2007

627 Baby!

201 227 199 = 627

Monday night at bowling was eventful.

First: Steve never showed up. We suspected he was either in an accident or stuck in traffic behind an accident. His car is in less than perfect condition so it was very possible that his bald tires may have given him trouble in the rainy weather. Turns out he blew a tire. He also informed us that he won't be able to bowl for a while.

Second: Jimmy has be ON FIYAH! That boy gets in the groove and just throws a rocket.

Finally, a game where we both bowled well.

Jimmy ended up 5 pins shy of an 800 series and I made a 600 (which hasn't been happening nearly enough for me lately)!

Last week I took some videos of Jimmy bowling with my digital camera. They came out really nice so I made this montage for him. He LOVED it! I was planning to bring my camcorder so we could shoot (hopefully better) video of each of us after the Thursday AM league but now it will have to wait a week since I'm going on a road trip (Daytonpalooooooza!). Look for more bowling videos to be posted here in the next few weeks.

Jimmy was practicing with his hypnotizing plastic ball. Unfortunately it doesn't translate to video very well. The frame rate must be close to the rotation rate because most of the time you can't see any rotation in the video. We're hoping that will improve when we use the camcorder instead of the digital camera.

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