Friday, October 26, 2007


Home game is this weekend! Woooooooooot!

Khanwoman is almost on her way to my house! Wooooooooot! I have already warned her that I will LMFAO if she calls to tell me she got lost in Indy. She's 2/2 doing that so far.

In the mean time I have to clean my house, get my kids to their swim meet at the crack of o'darkthirty in the AM, and figure out when Khan and I are going to drive to ISU to pick up DTM and Asian.

Rumor has it that a friend from St. Louis (not Zerb) might be heading this way for the game. But that's just a rumor. A vicious, cruel, vicious rumor. Did I say vicious?

If you see any CNN newsflashes about degenerate poker players in IL, look away. It could be ugly.

It might take me a while to recover enough to post afterwards. Rest assured many pictures will be taken, hands recorded, candid (nekkid?) pictures of young college students MIGHT be posted (or at least available for purchase).



SlySelea said...

You guys have fun and be safe. Take it easy on the boys. I wish I could have pulled off making the trip.

Anonymous said...

who are those young college students?