Friday, October 26, 2007


Here's an AIM convo I had with Macanthony today.

gadzooks1995: I have short attn span theater issues myself
gadzooks1995: I subscribe to some people that babble on and on and on
gadzooks1995: I don't even bother
MacAnthony30: I only read the short ones during work and then save the longer ones for when I have some time to kill
gadzooks1995: I should pry just unsub from them
gadzooks1995: well most of the time they are just writing about the people they know are reading it
gadzooks1995: BOR-RING
MacAnthony30: I write about WTF I am thinking at the moment
MacAnthony30: I just need to do it a bit more often
MacAnthony30: I was pretty proud of my rakeback one though
gadzooks1995: Yeah, I was about to write a snarky post about counting the items people checkout with at the 20 or less registers
gadzooks1995: went to Walmart last night which I hate to do and someone was at the 20 or less reg with 21, yes, I counted, 21 items
gadzooks1995: wanted to wring her neck
MacAnthony30: it seemed more actual-content-ish than I have been doing lately
gadzooks1995: and her husband's and her adorable twin boys' necks while I was at it
MacAnthony30: when I get in those spots, I go to my happy place AKA, find some hot ho to stare at for ten minutes without looking stalkerish
gadzooks1995: lol
gadzooks1995: hahahahha
gadzooks1995: ok, you know this is going to make a blog post
MacAnthony30: bout time you get some good content on there, and by good I mean me
gadzooks1995: lol
gadzooks1995: wtf is your blog url?
MacAnthony30: sigh
gadzooks1995: I'm too lazy to look it up
gadzooks1995: he he he
gadzooks1995: you want the exposure, you know you do
MacAnthony30: cause it's soooo hard to remember that

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