Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Snuffy, aka ScottC25, a fellow Ante Upper has started a new poker tournament series called CHIMPS - a play on the Ante Up AIPS series! LOL!

The first week was NLHE and I was the second player to donk out. I'm so proud. :rolls eyes:

Yesterday was Razz and I signed up early because I knew I was going to be running around all day and might not make it back in time to get registered. I showed up just minutes before my table popped up. There were 33ish runners for Razz which is quite an accomplishment.

It was very hard to slow down and concentrate. I was checking my email and google reader for most the first hour or two. I managed to collect a few chips only to donk the off the Khanwoman when I doubled her short stack up twice.

It was truly unfortunate that Snuffy, Khanwoman, Snarf and I ended up on the same table. It got down to the four of while we waited for the final table bubble to burst. We must have passed the same 400 chips around the table for 10-15 minutes which is an eternity in Razz.

I managed to lose most of my chips and then I attempted to throw myself on the sword so many times only to come back to life. I just wanted to outlast the only person shorter than me - Zerb - to make the money. I was reincarnated more times that Shirley MacClaine. Sick really. Just ask Zerb, I'm sure he'll agree. The sickest part was that the other players where calling my all ins with really bad hands: pairs, K high, etc. By the time they learned not to do that anymore I had doubled up a couple times and was back in the race.

I was the short stack when we got down to 3 players, AND, I was sandwiched between the two of them most of the time. CL would have to bring in and then the other one would complete and I would have to fold anything less than a strong hand. Once I did pick up a strong hand and play back at him he'd go all the way with his garbage.

They managed to get into a hand and one of them didn't survive leaving me HU with a bad chip deficit. I finally picked a hand and went with it. Making it to second place was truly a miracle since I was down to the felt so many times.

I can't complain at all.

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only to donk the off the Khanwoman when I doubled her short stack up twice.