Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Firefox Extensions

I Stumbled onto this really neat Firefox add-on called Mouse Gestures.

I'm all about short cuts and this is really handy. It has standard moves built into it and lets you program custom moves as well.

I programed my Logitech mouse with the tilt scroll for forward and back page loading ages ago. BTW, Logitech makes the best mice and keyboards around.

Not long after I bought my first, screaming new, dazzling, bestest ever Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse I settled in for an evening of poker with my tankard of hot tea.

I was playing two tournaments when I clumsily dumped the entire contents on the keyboard.


Oddly enough everything seemed to work fine.... for a while.

It seems that the thoughtful engineers over at Logitech designed holes in the bottom of the chassis just in case some idiot decided to dump a tankard of hot tea through their keyboard.

I mopped up and things were fine until..... the W key stopped working. I had to type vv (ergo vv/e) for w and that was ok until the screen started flashing like crazy. That's when my keyboard went all exorcist on me.

I scrambled to find the old plug in keyboard (also Logitech) and get it working - the mouse still worked just fine.

The next morning I called my home owner's insurance company since I had computer coverage. They suggested I call Logitech first but if all else failed they would replace it for me.

I was honest with the nice lady at Logitech and told her it was all my fault, that I spilled a lot of hot tea on it. She put me on hold; when she came back she said that it was under warranty and they would send me a new set - an upgraded one no less!

I <3 Logitech.


t said...


that is all.

tsheets said...

I tried out a mouse gestures plugin a couple of years ago...never really got used to it.

I guess the one you installed didn't have a gesture to tell the keyboard to "get the hell out of the way, this chick is trying to drown you!!" ;-)

Gadzooks64 said...

LOL! Don't I wish Sheets, don't I wish.