Sunday, October 28, 2007

Friday Night

In the interest of making sure I cover the whole story I decided to break this weekend up into 3 segments.

My social planner needs to be fired. "She" managed to schedule the kids swim meet, my home game AND house guests all for the same weekend. "She" really sucks. Friday was all about running errands and getting my house in order so my guests wouldn't be disgusted by our living conditions.

Khanwoman and KhanMom were scheduled to arrived about 8:30-9:00pm. Which means that I was going to be up to all hours of the night goofing off with Khan after she arrived. I didn't get an "I got lost in Indy" text like I expected but I did get an "Indy sucks" text with a picture of snarled traffic which apparently took 1:30 to navigate around. Ewwwwww. She did admit after she got here that she missed her exit and had to back track, D'oh!

Anyhoo, they arrived safe and sound. Within a few short minutes of their arrival we were enjoying some Cranberry and Vodka and playing Facebook Scrabble (I'm currently pwning her ass, fyi.)

We proceeded to get toasted and found some very interesting pages with Stumble.

Taken with Khan's Webcam using Skype!

After I'd built up a hefty buzz, Khanwoman asks, "You want another drink?" while simultaneously pouring me another seriously unnecessary drink.

Moments later this conversation took place:

Khanwoman: You need to send me that link

Zooks: What drink?
Hahahahhahahah! D'oh!

Recall that swim meet that was scheduled for this weekend? Take a wild guess at what time we are supposed to be there? Go ahead, guess.... GUESS, DAMNIT!

6:45 am

Who in their right mind wants 10 and unders to be somewhere at 6:30 in the AeffingM?


Too be continued ...

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