Thursday, October 11, 2007

Modiano Cards

Gambit, an Ante Upper, told me he bought some of the Modiano cards from what turns out to be my favorite place to shop for poker stuff: Flaming Frog Poker in Indianopolis, IN. I think it's time to get an affiliate code from them, don't you?

With my well documented card fetish that meant just one thing:


While I was perusing the site I saw the usual cards but then these caught my eye.

4 Pip Deck

Moments later my cart was loaded with a set of the Jumbo Index Poker size cards AND the Jumbo Index 4 Pip Cards.

Snuff says the 4 pip cards make him want to hurl.

Obviously he has no taste :P.

These cards actually sound more like paper cards to me than even paper cards do. The texture is very pleasant - not the least bit plasticky. The black is deep and rich. The red is somewhat muted on the 4 pip decks but quite vibrant on the regular decks. The graphics are very clean and crisp. For the price ($15/set of two decks) they are very nice and much cheaper than Copags or Kems.

Modiano Jumbo Index Poker Size

I'll be using these for the next home game. I'm sure the players will let me whether or not they like them.

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jamyhawk said...

I like the look of those. I'm not sure yet if I like 4PI vs 2PI or not. But I like the backs of these as well.