Monday, October 22, 2007

Non-Poker Trip Report

This is the perfect time of year to be taking a road trip. The roadsides are splattered with yellows, oranges, reds and greens. It's a true delight to see. Since I was driving I didn't get any pictures.

The scenery was delightful, the other drivers on the road, not so much. I was constantly getting cut off by some dipstick (ha ha ha, dipstick, get it?) going 1 mph over the speed limit trying to pass somebody else going 0.5 mph over the speed limit. This includes all the semis that just had to get past that semi in front of them while they were both moving at a glacial pace.

We arrived just in time to head to a local pizza place for dinner. It was good pizza. I definitely don't understand the crisscross cutting pattern favored by these local mid-western pizza places. I think I much prefer the pie slice method.

The troops headed to the Boonshoft Children's Museum in downtown Dayton. We met up with Khanwoman and her two girls. What a cool place. The kids had a great time. The adults had a great time watching the kids have a great time.

Somebody thinks these animals stinketh.

Someday I will have a dejavu of this I'm sure.

I can't believe these "peers" would convict anybody of anything.

What a ham.

OMG! A turtle ate my baby!

Princess Jennifer is amused by all this wakiness.

On Saturday we hit Young's Dairy in Yellow Spring, OH. They had a little petting zoo with goats, some calves, a couple calves and some cows. Mine were not interested in touching the animals.

Adam knows how to work the camera!

This is what happens when I tell them to get closer
and act like they know each other. Doh.

The lineup of the usual suspects.



We're off to see the wizard... oops, I mean, oooh a corn maze.

What a beautiful day!

OMGWTF!?!? Corn comes off a PLANT?

Look, mom! Corn!


Self Portrait.

Woooooot! What hawt wimmens!

All fun trips must come to an end. It's time we load up the rascals and head home. A peaceful car ride is aided by mucho technology.

Houston, we have lift off.


He He He! Stealth over the shoulder shot.

In the few days we were gone my ash tree has turned all yellow and dropped about half its leaves. The maple is all reddish orange and about half gone as well. I guess we are finally in the throws of fall even though it was 80° for our drive home yesterday.

Khanwoman and her mother are coming next week for HOME GAME, wooooooooot! Rumor has it that DTM and Asian may be playing as well. Damn, I better send out home game reminder!


Lynx56 said...

"Damn, I better send out home game WARNING!"

FYP. yw.

tsheets said...

Looks like a fun trip. I particularly like the pic of your son sleeping with the stuffed animals...those are going to be great blackmail material in a few years!! LOL

am said...

Ok, for about 3 seconds, I thought about parroting your comment on T's blog with the B/A pictures, "I'd hit that". But that's too weird for even me.