Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ohio Home Game

Went to Dayton this weekend to visit with friends who moved there from Arizona and Khanwoman, of course! Several effers live near Dayton so we have MUST HAVE A HOME GAME. Smboatdrinks hosts a regular home game anyway so he obliged for us.

Khanwoman, her brother, and I went to Smboatdrinks' home game last night.

Illini Fan also showed up in this shit. All I can say is ewwwwwww.

After watching boats play ATC I got in a hand with him. Of course he flopped top set to my underpair and got a lot of my chips when I put him on a flush draw (d'oh). I went out shortly after that with AJd (all the way with an A and a J) v AQ. Sigh. I suck.

We got a cash game going with IF, Eric, me, Mike and John. I ended up +11 in cash game which covered my initial buyin plus another $4 cause IF was kind enough to buy in twice without realizing it and we ended up splitting that $20 amongst everybody at the table.

Teresa played a great first game. They did a 5 way chop so we could start the next game.

Boats also made both final tables. That boy is the king of the splash around early to build up a chipstack then suckout. His button raise with 57o v HIS DAD ended up fugly when he flopped trips and turned a boat. He also ran QQ into Khan's AA but the door card was a Q. Live poker is RIGGED I tell you. He took me out of the second one, too. Button raise with 89h I shove for not much more with ATh he flopped and OESD and rivered his straight. IGHN.

The highlight of the evening was a hand at the second final table. Todd was getting very short. Somehow he got all his chips in with this hand.

Now, why do you think he's got such a huge smile on his face? Maybe this will explain it to you.

So, thanks for letting me donate to your home game Boats! I had a great time. Sorta. Well, ok, not really but poker is poker. :lol: :P :roll:


t said...

that 27o hand was so priceless when the cards came out. specially when the river hadnt come yet "THEY CAN STILL GET A JACK!"


SmBoatDrinks said...

Good Write-Up Zooks & you're welcome back to the Ohio Home Game anytime!