Monday, October 15, 2007

Pokerslut Tour

It was LHE for the PS tour last night. And don't we all just LOVE Limit Hold'em? Seriously, I decided early on to donk it up because my table was loaded with some of the looser players that I know but they always seem to come out ahead in Limit.

Early on I chased a runner runner flush draw only to find myself with the winning hand.

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I even value raised on the end. I'm so proud.

Boy, did I catch shit for that hand.

gadzooks1995: I just pwned Dran
gadzooks1995: lol
drandead: we both almost had str8 flushes
gadzooks1995: yeah lol
gadzooks1995: skeeery huh?
Zerbet: you're both a couple of donkeys, actually
gadzooks1995: yep
gadzooks1995: <--proud donkey
drandead: We know that and we don't care
gadzooks1995: tired of getting chased outta pots
Zerbet: so choose a pos hand and call a raise with it, good plannage
colde: lol
gadzooks1995: I limped first then I had pot odds
gadzooks1995: ;O)
gadzooks1995: Love you too
Zerbet: no you didnt
Zerbet: work it out from the results
gadzooks1995: uh yeah I did
gadzooks1995: I limped called
Zerbet: uh no you didnt
gadzooks1995: I meant to
gadzooks1995: lol
gadzooks64 calls 40
Zerbet raises to 80
DraNDead calls 60
gadzooks64 calls 40
Zerbet: I was there, I remember the betting. You dont know the odds for drawing with those two cards against MY range.
drandead: I be leavin soon
gadzooks1995: I was already in the pot
gadzooks1995: I limped and had odds to call
Zerbet: no you didnt.
drandead: wishing you all the best
gadzooks1995: vv/e
gadzooks1995: I'm not limp folding a hand
gadzooks1995: Dran called the raise cold with her suited connectors
Zerbet: the odds of hitting a hand that beats my range were greater than the pot odds.
gadzooks1995: and when did you fold?
Zerbet: and I dont pay off, and Dra was yet to speak
gadzooks1995: he bet flop I called
Zerbet: we arent talking about the odds on the flop kiddo
gadzooks1995: dude, read the hand
gadzooks1995: what hand are you talking about?
drandead: Quit pickin on my homie
gadzooks1995: I'm thinking we are not talking same hand
Zerbet: she absolutely refuses to accept that she has this math wrong, we have this discussion a hunnert times
gadzooks1995: it doesn't matter
gadzooks1995: I don't have to play mathematically correct
Zerbet: but it tilts her so I like to bring it up whenever I can
gadzooks1995: with this bunch of players I get screwed doing that
colde: how do you not have to play mathmatically correct in limit?
colde: this I gotta hear
gadzooks1995: free will
Zerbet: hahahahaha
Zerbet: good one
colde: lol

Then there is this hand, the Cosenza:

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That's what I get for folding preflop.

I had Clovis on the ropes here but he managed to river me hard. The chips were all in on the turn.

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And then Squib slow plays his Aces until they are beat.

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A few hands before I pick up JJ, ELM hits quads with hers. How did mine turnout you ask?

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It was all downhill from there. I ended up being the Bubble Bitch. And we all know how enjoyable THAT is.

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