Monday, October 29, 2007


I stumbled off to bed at about 12:30 am.

I woke up at 5:30 am not at all delighted with the prospect of spending the next 7 hours at a swim meet. I packed all the necessities and then some while I was trying to figure out how to convince The Other Half (TOH) to left me take a shower and meet them there. I was much easier than I thought it would be - he conceded almost immediately while mumbling something about poor planning on my part (I really need to fire my social secretary). I was able to crawl back into bed for about 30 minutes, shower, and head over to pool.

The kids did very well for their first meet. I have videos but I will spare you this time!

On the way home I pick up about 15 pounds of pizzas to be cooked for dinner and Home Game.

Khanwoman and I put the grommets on my new felt and get it on the table; stack the chips for the tournament and for the pre-game cash game; generally get the house ready for the onslaught.

Soon it's time to head out to pick up DTM, Asian and Billy Vanilli. Who would think that 3 boys would take so damn long to come out of their dorm room? Luckily we were early and got to wait EVEN LONGER THAN WE WOULD HAVE HAD WE BEEN ON TIME! Sigh.

We get back and start cooking pizzas and playing cash game. Billy struggled while the rest of us just hoped to be in a hand with him when he spewed. After some rebuying DTM managed to get all of his chips in bad to Billy's bottom set but then sucked out a better set on the river.

And, yet another fugly hand.

Khan found herself in a tough hand. It didn't help that someone looked at Billy's hand then talked about it. I told her to go with her gut. She called the all-in flop bet.

Fugly turn and beautiful river.

Oh, I almost forgot! The vicious rumors WERE TRUE! My friend (not Zerb) did indeed make the trip for the Home Game!

Friend (not Zerb) & Khan during the after tourney cash game.
They are not buzzed. Not at all. Srsly.

I announced last hand for the cash game; it was time to start the tournament. Everybody started to limp into the pot and I was the BB. It got to me and I looked down at KK. I'm SO NOT TAKING THIS FLOP 6 WAYS. So I raise it up and they all start whining about last hand, blah, blah, blah. DTM decides to play with me. Flop x x T. DTM announces all in before I can do anything and I say I call. He shows a T with a crappy kicker. He's got me covered but that made the difference between a losing cash session and a winning one for me. Woooooot!


I set up my tournament with a one time only rebuy before then end of the 4th period (20 min levels). It was the last hand of the rebuy period and I decided to push in the dark as I wanted to either double up my modest stack (2kish of 3K starting stack) or rebuy. I ended up getting it all in with 72sooooooooted (D'oh!) v A4o. I outran him and doubled up. (First luckbox take down of the night).

Considering that we had 15 runners, we had a surprisingly low number of rebuys: 4.

KhanMom played a nice hand early on. She flopped a set of Kings and hit quads on the turn (this board reads right to left) and managed to get paid off nicely.

We get down to the final table and I've chipped up a bit but I'm not a huge stack. I had been raising the last few hands, beating up on Jeff U and DTM who'd been playing really tight (pry just not catching any cards) when I picked up AA on the button. I put in my standard raise and this time DTM called. He pushed on the flop and I insta-called. He hit his flush on turn and I said, "Boat me baby!" just before the 6 came on the river! (Second luckbox take down of the night!)

I pick up 77 and raise it up. Jeff U is behind me and he pushes and I insta-call turning over my 77 and he flips up 44. I'd been raising a lot in position and I'm sure he thought I was just being a bully.

We are down to 4 and ITM.

Now I have a really big stack. Wooooooooot! Which I proceed to donk off to each of the 3 other players left: I doubled Asian up, donked off some chips to KhanMom (who played very well!) and doubled up Paul. Sigh. Some big stack. Luckily, not much damaged was inflicted as they were all pretty short.

I was SB to Asian's BB. I complete with 56sooooooooted and he just checked his Ax. Flop comes 223 and all I'm thinking is, "I have a gutshot, baby!" Check, Check. Turn a 4! Suhwheat I just hit it. Check, Check. River another 4. Well crap. Asian bets into me and I just call hoping he doesn't have a 2 or 4. He announces, "Split pot if you have an A." I show my 56 and take it down with my straight. Woooooooot. (Third luckbox catch of the night AND I'm not done!)

KhanMom raises and gets called by Paul. Flop Kx6. Bet and call. Turn is a 7. KhanMom pushes and Paul goes into the tank. He inadvertently lets me see his cards: 67o. I can't help but think to myself WTF ARE YOU WAITING FOR CALL ALREADY! He hemmed and hawed and finally called. KhanMom turns over 33 and Paul takes her out with his two pair.

Khanwoman and Paul

Paul just completes the SB to my BB, I have 24d. Flop comes all small cards and gives me a gutshot to the 5. Paul announces all in and I call saying, "All I have is a gutshot." Paul turns over the TT he limped in with. Turn is a beautiful, suhwheat, bone-crushing .... 5. Yep, I took Paul out with a gutshot. I are lucktarded. Of course, serves him right for not raising his TT. (Last lucktard pot of the night, just in case you were counting.)

Asian and I are HU and agree to just chop for 1st and 2nd. I'm sure he'd have given me a run for my money though. He's got some skills. He'd bluffed me out of several pots in the pre-game cash game so he got enough of my money already!

It was already very late when we finished the tournament so we decided to play some cash instead of another tournament. This is new for my home game and a couple of the regular players decided to stay and play with us effers while the rest called it a night.

Drinking and gamboling commenced.

Hahahahahhah! I love the hat!


(not Zerb)

Billy (ATM) Vanilli

DTM, Khan and Asian are all gansta!

I last until about 2:30. (not Zerb) heads out and I head to bed leaving Gary (my neighbor), DTM, Billy, Asian and Khan. I land in bed and notice that it's mighty loud downstairs but I pass out anyway. About 4:00 am TOH gets up and tells those damn degenerates to take it to the basement, LOL.

I have no idea what time Gary left but as soon as he was gone this happened.

Khan brings out the best in people doesn't she?

The kiddy game is in the basement!

Gratuitious Pron.

Asian doing a bankroll check.

Before my kids went to bed I told my oldest that he had my permission to get up real early and go bug DTM. Apparently he took me at my word and set his alarm for 5:00 am. He popped into the basement and made DTM play Monopoly with him!

DTM gets pwned in Monopoly!

To be continued ...


t said...

billy atm vanilli = priceless

and i totally do bring out the best in people

AND i look so hawt in that hat. srsly.

AND AND no pics of the hot guy Tim? wtf :)

Zerbet said...

"Asian and I are HU and agree to just chop for 1st and 2nd."

Took me FOREVER to figure out WTF you were talking about when you said that.

No, not because of the tequila - because that's called a SURRENDER woman, not a chop!


nHouse, nKids, nFriends, nPizza, nHostessages.


tsheets said...

Had fun, donated to the hostess (always a good idea) when I thought she put me on a steal. It was great to meet Khan and (not??) zerb). :-)

AND Khan - that hat was definitely money!

AND AND, yeah, where's the pics of that hot guy Tim?? LOL