Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunday Freerolls & PS Tour


I received an email about a rakeback freeroll on Pokerstars this past Sunday. I signed up along with a few of my friends. It was a nice warmup to the Bloggers Freeroll. I made it into the money for a tidy little profit of $1.25, sigh, so much work for so little green. But, it was enough for me to pay back Snuffy the 50¢ he had to sent me so I could register for the Chimps HU event.

I was still playing the first freeroll when the Bloggers one popped. I get AA UTG THE VERY FIRST HAND AND GET NO ACTION. Sigh. It doesn't take long for Khanwoman and Zerbet (not Zerb) to take a chunk of chips from the weaker players. I make it to the first break and get AA UTG FIRST HAND AFTER BREAK AND GET NO ACTION. Sigh.

I ended up with a strong player on my right that I just couldn't get past. He was calling me down with anything and everything. By the time I got short I had pushed from small blind with J9 and he calls with A9. IGHN. Maybe next year.

The best news is: Khanwoman went deep for an iPod! Hers died recently so that's a good thing. Two years ago they gave a seat to the ME Seat Guaranteed tournament and she won that prize in the Bloggers Tournament and went on to win an ME seat.

Khanwoman pwns the Blogger Freeroll

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