Friday, October 05, 2007

Team Poker

Nothing spells D-R-A-M-A like T-E-A-M P-O-K-E-R.

The Full Tilt Forum (Effers) is in the thralls of a no holds barred poker smack down with the Poker Forum at Full Tilt (Fauxfers).

The first round was a series of heads up matches which we ended up losing.

The second round was a series of 3 v 3 matches where we pwned their asses.

The series was tied and 1 and 1 when we finally started the 20 v 20 MTT series last night.

My table in last night's NLHE event was stacked with 6 Effers and 1 Fauxfer.

Not ideal conditions.

Initially we seemed to play very slow. There might be a pot with 3 Effers but often the pot was taken down with a flop bet. Minimal damage was incurred.

I had managed to pick up a few chips and called a raise from another Effer with QQ in position. The flop was all low cards and we check. Since we are heads up I have no problem checking this pot down and since my teammate was also checking I had no reason to believe that we wouldn't be checking it down.

Silly me.

The river was a King and suddenly he bets into me. After some thought I folded.

I gave him an earful in AIM chat. There's no reason to bet that. If he rivered the winning hand so be it, but there is no reason to TRY to take chips from your teammate.

His reply, "I needed chips."

A few hands later I call another raise from the same person with JJ. The flop was dangerous but I had second pair and a gutshot. Silly me checked behind when he checked to me. The turn was a 7 and the river a blank. He bets into me on the river AGAIN. This time I call and see his set of 7s.

I'm convinced he bet into me for multiple reasons not the least of which was (1) he was confident I would call with any reasonable holding after the way the last hand played out and (2) he was hoping he wouldn't have to show down his hand, 77 isn't necessarily a hand you want to be raising in E-MP.

I'm confident I was ahead in both hands and let him catch up because I was playing TEAM POKER.

Unfortunately, my teammate wasn't.

I got effed twice... by a teammate.

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Hrbek said...

youre pry now even karmawise from the 84 slowplay of a friend. now get that bucket.